The Thinking Cap Programme by MindChamps

The Thinking Cap Programme was first developed by the expert team at MindChamps to deliver new ways of learning and prepare students of all ages for success in the competitive and demanding educational environment today.
It is specially designed to focus on age-appropriate Learning How To Learn techniques and strategies that can be applied to the MOE’s (Ministry of Education) curriculum.
Through this programme, your child will be empowered with the crucial learning, thinking and communication skills needed to excel in school and beyond.

Did you know statistics have shown that scoring well in school exams takes more than just having good academic skills?

In fact, your child needs to have a healthy level of self-confidence and motivation to excel in his/her studies. This stems from having the right mindset, which comprises of emotional intelligence and resilience to overcome the inevitable challenges he/she will face in his/her academic journey.
Coupled with the right learning techniques, your child can learn more effectively at school – they will understand things better and faster, which eventually leads to greater self-confidence for him/her.

Is Your Child Prepared For The Shift In PSLE Focus?

With Ministry of Education’s (MOE) shift of focus in PSLE scoring system that will come into effect in 2021, your child will be experiencing a very different kind of education altogether. Instead of being graded on their academic skills, your child will be assessed on his/her aptitude and overall development.
This means PSLE assessment system will be shifting away from traditional rote learning, i.e. drilling your child with assessment books, spotting questions and relying on memorizing answers can no longer work in getting your child ready for PSLE examinations.
In this case, how can you help your child to be PSLE-ready?

How Does Your Child Benefit From The Thinking Cap Programme?

  • Comprehensive development of your child’s creative, learning and champion mind, which are key essentials for success in school and beyond
  • Greater confidence in sharing his/her opinions in front of peers and teachers
  • Develop higher-order thinking and analytical skills, which are required for problem-solving
  • Develop leadership skills that enables your child to lead and not shy away from a crowd of audience
  • More creative and resourceful in problem-solving 

Thinking Cap Programme

Ms Diong Lang Shi
(Parent of Benjamin Law Tze Chien )
“MindChamps’ Professor Snyder’s Thinking Cap Learning System is the coaching programme that all students need!” 

I’m very impressed with the philosophy behind MindChamps. I’m a lecturer myself and understand the need for students to have the right mindset to persevere and succeed in school and in life. Not only is this programme about study skills, more importantly, it’s about coaching and mentoring. My son is now more self-disciplined as a result of it.

3 & 4

This programme focuses on building a ‘champion mindset’ in your child by developing the fundamental skills required for active learning and independent thinking.


Learning Outcomes For Your Child:

  • Significantly improved memory power
  • Reduced study time (by up to 1/3)
  • Increased ability to understand and express written and spoken English
  • Improved ability in oral communication
  • Improved self-esteem, confidence and motivation to study
  • Improved class participation and social enhancement
  • Increased ability for more effective thinking
  • Mastery of breakthrough mind techniques
“MindChamps’ Professor Snyder’s Thinking Cap Learning System made a difference to our child!”
After seeing how our daughter had benefitted from MindChamps, we decided to send our son too – he has been transformed; he’s now more positive, doesn’t give up when faced with problems, enthusiastic about studying and willing to sit at his desk for longer periods of time. We strongly recommend the programme to all families.
Mr Wilson Tan and Ms Catherine Seet
(parents of Brandon Tan )

5 & 6

Designed to prepare students in Primary 5 & 6 for success in PSLE and beyond, the emphasis of the programme is placed around the following areas:

1. Personal Empowerment (through the Young Champions® programme)
2. The 4 ‘A’s of Active Learning™ (Active Understanding, Active Storage, Active Recall & Application)
3. Oral Preparation Skills

Learning Outcomes For Your Child:

  • Higher efficiency in time and task management
  • Equipped with basics of superior note-taking and study skills to facilitate ‘active understanding’
  • Develop whole-brain active recall and information retention strategies
  • Mastery of difficult vocabulary
  • Learn useful techniques to good spelling
  • Learn concepts of structure and imagination in creativity, for more optimal writing of comprehension, reports, speeches, and presentations
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Equipped with essential PSLE oral preparation skills that translates into self-confidence with respect for others, refined listening and vocal skills for authentic self-expression

My journey with MindChamps’ Thinking Cap programme has certainly been an unforgettable, rare and unique experience.  

Apart from achieving 4 A*s for PSLE, the creative thinking techniques taught during the programme encourages us to realise our limitless potential and countless possibilities of doing things. With these skills, I was inspired to think out of the box and view learning from a fresh perspective. 

Ms Mehak Virdi, Graduate
(Graduate of Thinking Cap Programme)

Complimentary Learning Strength Evaluation

Are you preparing your child for a successful transition from his early primary school years to upper primary school years?

Making the jump from early primary school years to upper primary and even to secondary or JC can be an exciting but daunting!

To prepare your child for a successful transition, you need to understand that every child’s learning style is uniquely different. By understanding your child’s learning style, you can help him/her reduce homework frustrations, support and enable a successful transition and give him/her a competitive edge academically.

By discovering and tapping in your child’s unique learning strength, you will as a parent, close up communication gaps and be able to coach him better in his/her studies and achieve academic excellence.

Let us help your child discover his/her unique learning strengths to effectively cultivate good study habits today!

Sign up for a complimentary learning strength evaluation now!




A: The Thinking Cap Programme was developed by MindChamps to devise new ways of learning and prepare students of all ages for success in the competitive and demanding educational environment. By integrating the four domains of Education, Neuroscience, Psychology and Theatre, students can learn to actively participate in shifting their perspective, embrace their own creativity and increase their Emotional Intelligence.

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